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By: Inside Awareness  09-12-2011
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Sleep Sweet Sleep

"I felt like I was going to sleep and as I continued in the movement I felt only what I could describe as energised.".. Julie

Get results through a series of safe, easy and proven exercises designed to bring relaxation, ease and reduce tension naturally!

  • Less pain, stess & anxiety
  • Improve natural breathing
  • Increase vitality
  • Anti-Aging
  • Natural Weight Loss & Control

Sleep Sweet Sleep is a sleep system that combines;

  • Feldenkrias exercises to increase the flow of oxygen through your whole body's movement patterns while breathing naturally. This is experiential learning through scientifically designed exercises that work with the mechanics of your whole body structure. Simple natural breath comes through a combination of supportive movements that considers the respiratory, nervous, cardio-vascular and the psychological systems.
  • Urban Feng Shui techniques for discovering how you can create the perfect luxurious conditions for yourself in order to relax and simplify going to sleep and staying asleep. Find out how to have a gorgeous personal space simply by shifting the contents to fit the space and floor plan.
  • getting InTouch skills to simply the to do lists, re-living the day's events and the longings that rattle around in your head as you try to shut off your mind.

"I felt really good after our class, I slept really well." Kathrin


    When you are in a wellness program or personal challenge pre-set times for phone consultation will be arranged.


  • WORKSHOPS Community One Day Introduction Workshops
  • INTRODUCTORY SERIES OF ONGOING LOCAL CLASSES One hour Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement Classes
  • TELE-CLASSES With Sleep Sweet Sleep Book join a series of live tele-seminars for extra support designed for learning, questions and follow up.
  • 10 WEEK PERSONAL CHALLENGE Take a personal challenge and commit to change for 10 weeks. Begin with an initial meeting, consultation on-going classes and journal to document the changes you are making and noticeable differences.


SWEET SLEEP 101 BOOK – Series of exercises

SWEET SLEEP Workbook/Journal

Sleep Sweet Sleep Challenge Tele-classes

See for next series.
  • 10 - 2 hour on-line group class
  • Plus one free 20 minute telephone consultation
Sleep Sweet Sleep Workbooks Recommended -*See above* Upon registration for Sleep Sweet Sleep Lessons, you will receive an e-mail with complete instructions and suggestions to maximize the benefits of your experience
Coming soon – Sweet Sleep 101 - Verbal Recordings - C.D.'s

To Order by Mail
Call: 250-361-7508

"Those experiencing the Feldenkrias Method have been able to reduce or eliminate sleeping pills using these exercises. They have become calmer and look younger with a distinct relaxation around their eyes and in their faces. Introducing this method and integrating it into your lifestyle will allow for an increased sense of wellbeing and enhanced immune system."
Renee Lindstrom

Urban Feng Shui On-Line

Space as Beautiful – Series #1 and Series #2

Two series of lessons; introduction and putting it all together challenge, designed with you in mind
Satisfy your curiosity or create a learning environment that will enable you to use your own home floor plan or garden map to change your direct experience through intention. Traditional tools and methods will be introduced to apply and make relevant to your lifestyle. An easy step by step process to create your own personal design integrating the values you want to express in your life and in your relationships.

Develop support naturally for achieving what you are longing for. Classes will introduce the foundational elements of Feng Shui beginning with the balance of space, enhancements, structural design, elements, and continue developing as you increase your explorations.It is the type of learning to enjoy, have fun, be creative and benefit from. It is learning you will find that will travel with you as your explore and visit new places. This new information that you will access will enhance your experience many times over!Space as Beautiful - Step 1

$10.00 per class =$100.00 in total

  • Plus a “free 15 minute telephone consultation,”
Space as Beautiful – Step 2Putting it all together Challenge - $10.00 per class =$100.00 in total
  • Plus a free 15 minute telephone consultations,”
  • questions

Space as Beautiful - Step 1. Introduction
$10.00 per class =$100.00 in total.

Space as Beautiful - Step 2. Putting it all together Challenge
$10.00 per class =$100.00 in total

Space as Beautiful – Step 3. Extra support telephone consulting or email questions

    20 minutes phone support for $29.95 plus taxes

    plus taxes

To Order by Mail
Call: 250-361-7508

On-Line Empathy & Coaching

Telephone and/or chat sessions are available to book for those times when you could use extra support to get through a difficult process with more clarity and understanding to come to a quicker resolution. Or if you simply need empathy and reassurance.

20 minutes

30 minutes

To Order by Mail
Call: 250-361-7508

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Keywords: Experiential Learning, Feng Shui

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