Team Coaching | Ingrid Bergmann

By: Ingrid Bergmann  09-12-2011

I work with teams to increase synergies between team members so that they can cover more ground together and create more exciting outcomes. I coach the entire team – each individual and the group. Our work together might include:

  • The use of an assessment tool to create a common language
  • Recovering from and preventing conflict
  • Enhancing self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • Developing change management skills
  • Clarifying unique strengths and values
  • Facilitating improved relationships

Other products and services from Ingrid Bergmann


Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching

We have extremely high expectations of our team and ourselves, and Ingrid has taken on an instrumental role of ensuring that each of us brings our best self to create, optimize and maintain a high performing team. She has the ability to ask you provocative questions that cause you to make your own self-discovery into issues that are impeding your development.


Narrative 360s | Ingrid Bergmann

Through the participation of a cross section of staff and stakeholders, it provides an analysis that goes where an automated 360° assessment cannot – revealing cultural, political, and other subtle organizational and performance factors that can make or break an executive.


Career Coaching for Individuals | Ingrid Bergmann

I offer an 8-week program suitable for self-funded clients who are managing their own career transition. It also pays endless dividends in career satisfaction, renewed energy and commitment. An opportunity to pursue an unrealized dream. Preparing for a successful retirement. Fine tuning your job search skills.


Services | Ingrid Bergmann

In-placement coaching acts as insurance for the success of new hires from outside the organization who, in order to be successful, must quickly understand the new culture and make changes that add immediate value. Coaching assists these key people to discover and play to their strengths, recover their sense of meaning and self awareness, and demonstrate their connection to the organization’s needs and expectations.