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By: Hydrographic Expertise  09-12-2011

To be forthright, it is difficult but not impossible to obtain judgements against government agencies responsible for inaccurate charting.

When vessel damages are in the tens of millions of dollars, shipping firms and their insurance companies may wish to consider claims against the agencies who bear some responsibility for the accident. Apportioning fault may relieve the shipping companies of some of their repair costs or other environmental damage cost resulting from an accident at sea.

As you well know, these costs can be substantial. I can interpret the facts and offer opinions on whether individual cases stand a chance of succeeding in national and international courts. In the light of substantial damage costs my service will be proven to be money well spent.

If I can be of service please refer to the address information on the Home page of this web site.

I will review the information you send me and provide you with a written report.

This report will discuss your chances of success against the agencies responsible for charting the area of concern. If necessary I will offer opinions on where else the fault may lie.