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By: Horse Sense Copywriting  09-12-2011
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I can’t tell you how many people give me a blank stare when I say that I am an equine copywriter.

Many people have absolutely no idea what a copywriter does — let alone an equine copywriter!

Since you have come this far, you may already have a pretty good idea of what my basic job description entails. (If not, don’t feel bad. Just keep reading!) But to give you a little idea of all the magic I can do for you and your biz, here’s a nice, simple list to break it all down for ya. Because really, simple is ALWAYS best, honey.

  • Web writing – If you have a business but no web presence, you are seriously selling your awesome self short. You may as well have a colt with Olympic bloodlines, but with no proper training under saddle — nice, but you could be conquering the world with that babe, baby. I give you copy that makes your website — and business — shine like the champion it is, letting readers, clients and prospective customers know what you do, and why they should be chomping at the bit to work with you or buy your stuff.
  • Blog posts – A blog can give your website a fresh, more current feel and will give your readers a great grasp of your personality – it will show them that you aren’t a faceless, cold corporation, but a trustworthy, knowledgeable professional. (It can also do magic things for your search engine rankings.)
    If you don’t already have a blog on your website (or haven’t planned to include one), I would love to change your mind – whether you hire me to write for you or not! If you do want me to help with your blog, there are several options we can go with, and I’ll be happy to help you decide which works best for you.
  • Ghost writing – You know your subject matter inside and out, but getting that information across to an audience, in writing, is a whole other story. Not just for Hollywood celebrities, ghost writing can be a fantastic tool for equestrian pros to reach an audience, raise their profile in the industry and gain fans. You provide the keys to the content and I put it together in a way that is easy to read, informative and – perhaps most importantly – sounds just like you wrote it.

Other ways I can help:

  • Editing or copyediting
  • Article writing
  • Speech writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Social media strategy and basic training
  • Business/corporate communications
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing consulting

Questions? I’ll do my darndest to answer them. Just drop me a line!

Keywords: Writing