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By: Happy Homebrewer  09-12-2011
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By law, you must attend the premises to start your batch and then return to the premises to bottle the product. The product must be removed from the premises once bottled.

All wine and cooler batches make 30 750ml bottles of wine and we offer an extra two weeks of bulk aging in the carboy at no additional cost. Beer and Cider batches produce 48 500ml bottles (equivalent to 5.5 dozen of commercial products). We have on premises carbonating facilities that produce a product you and your friends will find hard to distinguish between commercial and our Happy Homebrewer products. This is not your grandpa’s homebrew anymore!

All our products have a very low amount of preservatives so they are meant to be consumed soon after bottling, however, the wines will last up to 5 years in a cellar. Low preservatives is a healthier alternative and even after consuming the product you will feel better the next morning – able to wake up and face the day.

Keywords: Wine

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That depends on the wine, generally higher end kits need more time to age than more inexpensive kits, reds need longer than whites, dry wines need longer than off-dry and more full-bodied wines need longer than lighter, fruitier wines. Q. How long after bottling should I wait to drink my wine.