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Smart Home Wiring « Grohovac Installations

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What is “Smart Home Wiring?”

“Smart home wiring” is the term that is used to describe the low voltage communication wiring which goes into almost every new home. It has been described as “home network wiring,” “home communication wiring” as well as a few other names. Essentially smart home wiring is an interface between your homes communication systems like your TV, Telephone, and Computer Network, and the suppliers of those services. For example here in Victoria BC, you can not choose Shaw, Telus or a satellite company to provide you with all of these services. Generally smart home wiring has a point where all of these systems interface or connect together. This place may be called the smart home panel, smart panel, home network panel, or home network centre etc. For simplicity we call it the smart home panel.

Why should every home have “Smart Home Wiring?”

          You could move from this type of wiring………………………………….To Smart Home Wiring!

                 NOT SMART HOME WIRING                                                            SMART WIRING

The answer to why your home should be smart home wired is simple; it is for the home owner’s convenience and to save the homeowner money. Before the introduction of smart home wiring, homes were wired for the phones to connect to the phone company’s wires and TV’s to be connected to the local TV cable company. There were no other options for these services so the home owner’s choices were simple, Telus phone or nothing and Shaw TV cable or nothing! There was little or no consideration for computer internet connections or other systems which connect to the home. They simply did not exist. Today of course things are different, Shaw and Telus each provide telephone, internet and yes even TV service! Having a central location where the wiring for all of these systems connects allows the customer to choose which services are provided by what telecommunications service provider. (The options are not endless but they are numerous, there are 27 common configurations which we see on a day to day basis! For example in my home I use StarChoice Satellite for my TV services and Shaw for my phone and internet needs. My brother however uses Shaw for his TV and internet needs and Telus for his phone.) A smart home panel where all of these connect, allows the homeowner to choose which service provider will be used for any of these services. It also allows the home owner to change service providers quickly and easily! Therefore it can save the customer money if “the competition” of their current service provider offers a less expensive option to them. For example ten dollars per month savings adds up to one hundred and twenty dollars of savings per year! With those kinds of savings it doesn’t take very long for the smart home wiring to pay for itself!

      Bad Wiring – Steel Staples             Good Wiring – Plastic  Tie Wraps        

A smart home panel offers other advantages as well, if all of the homes computer network wiring is run to this single location, then the computer network modem, provided by the customer’s internet service provider, and the router which splits the internet signal to multiple computers, and is usually located under the main computer desk when the home is not smart wired, can all be located inside the smart home panel. This cleans up the “mess of wires” located in most home offices, as well as allowing portable computers to be moved from place to place! For this reason, Grohovac Installations recommend a minimum smart home panel size no less than forty two inches high. (The industry standard for panels is fourteen and a half inches wide.)

Keywords: home wiring

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