Foster Parent Support Services Society

By: Fpsss  09-12-2011

The FPSS Society will strive to engage the foster parents of the region in a participative, empowered process that will build Pride, Commitment and Momentum through widespread communication, participation and involvement.

All caregivers in the Vancouver Island Region holding a Family Care Home agreement with the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development have the right to access any and all of the services provided by this organization.

By involving the fostering community in the strategy process, we build a stronger understanding and appreciation of the mutual goals and objectives of the Ministry, the organization, and the caregivers. 

The FPSS Society will develop, enhance, facilitate and deliver the following services:

  • Support services to caregivers who have a family care home agreement with the Ministry;
  • Facilitate networking and enhanced communication amongst caregivers, and between caregivers and the Ministry;
  • Deliver the BC Foster Care Education Program curriculum – 53 hour mandatory training for foster parents.
  • Work in partnership with Ministry staff in the Recruitment of Family Care Home caregivers;
  • Provide on-going training workshops, the Safe Babies Program, Mentoring Program and Peer Support Groups.

The FPSS Society is committed to the firm conviction that every foster parent, regardless of their ethnic, religious or cultural background, is entitled to access the peer support, networking, on-going training opportunities, and the BC Foster Care Education Program provided by this organization.

The FPSS Society is also committed to the firm conviction that every child, regardless of their ethnic, religious or cultural background, is entitled to a safe, stable, nurturing, and healthy environment in which to grow and flourish. It is their belief that foster parents must avail themselves of support and training opportunities in order to achieve and deliver the highest possible standards of care for the children and youth in their homes, to enable children in care to attain their maximum potential as members of society.

Other products and services from Fpsss


Mentoring Program | Foster Parent Support Services Society

Not everyone will want to be mentor, but mentoring provides an opportunity to contribute to the quality of fostering practice by helping new foster parents improve their skills and knowledge and helping foster parents remain in fostering. They hold a current MCFD contract, have good listening skills, and have either completed the BC Foster Parent Education Program Certification or are in the process of achieving certification.


Protocol Support | Foster Parent Support Services Society

Protocol Support Workers are experienced foster parents who have been approved and had special training and knowledge about the process foster parents become involved with when an allegation is made against them or they are in a dispute with the Ministry. The purpose of the Protocol Support Program is to provide support to foster parents who are going through the Protocol Process or engaged in a serious disagreement with Ministry staff.