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By: Fishability  09-12-2011

Sam's Blue Pencil is a sister company of fishAbility that performs the editing and communications functions for us. More than 15 years in the typesetting, copyediting, and layout business gives us the advantage in producing camera-ready or web-ready publications.

Our experience includes:

  • In charge of desktop publication from start to finish for various trade, scientific, and medical journals. These journals are published on a very tight schedule and include converting original manuscripts and artwork into camera-ready copy and/or laser master proofs. Manuscript conversion can include formatting and page makeup according to a customer’s guidelines or specifications.
  •  Over 15 years of proofreading, page layout, and editing for style and content. We are proficient in electronic and hard copy editing and style coding, and have worked with the MILES/SUN coding system, SGML, HTML, Word, WordPerfect, Adobe, and MathType.

Freelance experience includes:

  • John Wiley & Sons (freelance Electronic/Hard Copy Editing and Coding and sizing of all artwork and hardcopy markup of tables).
  • Dartmouth Journal Services – freelance Electronic/Hard Copy Editing and Coding; setting tables and equations using MathType.
  • Cadmus Journal Services (in conjunction with Elsevier) – freelance Electronic/Hard Copy Editing and sizing of all artwork and hardcopy markup of tables.

Some of our other skills include:

  • Excellent organizing and multitasking
  • Over 30 years experience writing copy including a syndicated newspaper column
  • Web page creation/design working comfortably in the Zope/Plone interface
  • Over 20 years of proofreading experience
  • Capable of compiling an issue to press including pagination with front and back matter correlation
  • Able to size artwork as needed in a double or single column journal and/or do hardcopy mark-up of tables according to journal specs.

Some of the titles we have worked on include:

  • ELSEVIER/PERGAMON: SM (Scripta Metallurgica) LS (Life Sciences) BP (Biochemical Pharmacology) CS (Cellular Signalling) JEM (Journal of Emergency Medicine) NBR (Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews) PBB (Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior) NTT (Neurotoxicology & Teratology) CCR (Cement & Concrete Research) MRB (Materials & Research Bulletin) FRB (Free Radical Biology) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) PEP (Peptides) PHB (Physiology & Behavior) PROSTA (Prostaglandins) STE (Steroids) RTX (Reproductive Toxicology)
  • JOHN WILEY & SONS: IJC (International Journal of Cancer) JHBS (Journal of the History of Behavioral Science) JPS (Journal of Polymer Science - Chemistry) SSO (Seminars in Surgical Oncology) GCC (Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer) IMHJ (Infant Mental Health Journal) MVR (Journal of Medical Virology) JNR (Journal of Neuroscience Research) AJMG (American Journal of Medical Genetics) JMV (Journal of Medical Virology) CA (Clinical Anatomy) HBM (Human Brain Mapping) TERA (Teratology) MDS (Movement Disorders)
  • DARTMOUTH JOURNAL SERVICES/CELL PRESS: BPJ (Biophysical Journal), DEVCEL (Developmental Cell, Chemistry & Biology, Structure
  • More titles available if requested.

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