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By: Fishability  09-12-2011

Standard Hosting

fishAbility provides affordable and reliable standard web site and domain hosting for small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals on our Premium servers.

Application Hosting


  • through-the-web editing of web pages (no software required)
  • easy and secure access (password) control of your site
  • Microsoft-free software eliminates many virus and worm threats


Pricing is kept low to encourage clients to create web sites without interference. Support is dependent on the package you choose. Note that domain hosting is charged separately. ZOPE products are extra, except where indicated.

Package Price Space E-mail Support
Basic $15/mo ($125/yr) 1Gb Two aliases Separate
Standard $25/mo ($275/yr) 2Gb 5 aliases One-half hr, billed by the 1/4 hr
Super $50/mo ($550/yr) 10Gb 5 pop addresses 1 hr, billed by the 1/4 hr. Two free products.

Domain Hosting

We can register a domain for you and set up the name serving to link it to your web site. The cost for this is Cdn$35/yr for most domains.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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