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By: Findbcwood  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Wood Industries Network

As British Columbia's Wood Industries Network, is one of the first places buyers begin searching for suppliers, service providers and information related to British Columbia's wood industries.

BC companies that want to do more with their business online can join BC's Wood Industries Network and take advantage of's solutions to the following business objectives:'s marketing solutions are designed to help companies execute their marketing plans online by raising their company's profile, ensuring buyers easily locate them by product or service and increasing their exposure to targeted market segments.

The business directory offers ways for buyers to find you by business type, product or keyword. When you choose the enhanced listing we will create your business type and add all of your products and keywords to the database. Links to your products are then created so buyers can read about you.

  1. Basic Listing
    • Listing in one existing business category with room for company name, address and telephone number.
    • Cost: $50.00 CDN/year.
  2. Enhanced Listing
    • Includes a 50 word company description.
    • Listed under multiple business types, or new type created where one doesn't exist.
    • All your products are added to the database for quick linking to your listing.
    • Space for 20 keywords to search by.
    • Space for links to website and company profile.
    • Comes up first in directory searches.
    • Cost: $100.00 CDN/year.

Showcasing your company's products and services with a company profile can be much less costly than hosting your own website and is an excellent way to get high search engine results.


  • Company profile links are placed on the industry sector page of your choice, under the 'related links' section.
  • Company profiles are indexed by search engines and greatly improve search results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Cost: $120.00 CDN/year.

Further increasing your company's exposure online can be achieved by featuring your company's profile in one of our focus sections. Focus sections are located on the right side of the homepage and industry main pages.


  • Focus section postings allow for one photo and brief description.
  • Focus section link to your company profile, or website.
  • Focus section postings provide direct exposure thousands of monthly visitors.

Home Page

  • $75.00 CDN/month.
  • Minimum 2 months.

Industry Main Page

  • $50.00 CDN/month.
  • Minimum 2 months.

Business packages allow customers to combine services and save money while getting the maximum exposure.

  1. Package 1
    • Enhanced directory listing + company profile.
    • Cost: $175.00 CDN/year.
    • Savings: $45.00.
  2. Package 2
    • Enhanced directory listing or company profile + focus section (on homepage)
    • Cost: $200.00 CDN/year.
    • Savings: $50.00.
  3. Package 3
    • Enhanced directory listing + company profile + focus section (on homepage)
    • Cost: $250.00 CDN/year.
    • Savings: $70.00.

As a web design and marketing firm, can provide you with a variety of design services. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Dynamically designed websites using databases.
  • Websites with a web-based content management system: for easy online administration.
  • Website statistics setup: check how many visitors you get, from where and how they got there.
  • XHTML coded pages using CSS stylesheets that validate, work very fast and look professional.'s Marketplace offers buyer and sellers easy to use online procurement tools designed to assist with the following:

  • Access domestic, national and International markets
  • Add to existing sales channels
  • Combine marketing with procurement and sales objectives

The Marketplace currently provides three levels of service, allowing users to choose features that best meet their needs. All services levels are based upon a one year subscription.


The Bronze level service gives users access to all ads posted in the Marketplace. Yearly cost: $125.00 CDN


The Silver level service gives uers access to all ads posted in the Marketplace and provides them with a personal 'members' ad page that can be updated at any time. Yearly cost: $200.00 CDN


The Gold level service provides all of the Silver level features and combines an enhanced listing in one of's Business Directories. Yearly cost: $300.00 CDN

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Marketing, Wood Industries Network

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