By: Feltham-gordon Head Pet Clinic  09-12-2011

Existing Users

This is where you can create free pet webpages and/or free pet tribute pages for your pets that have passed away.

New Users

Our members have a lot of benefits like product discounts, free web pages for your pet, etc.

N.B. offers these free petsites and free pet tribute pages for purely personal/non-commercial use only. Petsites not observing this stipulation will be removed.

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Breath Freshener for Pets |

The all natural, sugar-free Breath Freshener uses organically bound zinc to kill germs, parsley seed oil to kill odors and real vanilla for fresh breath. A little dab on the gums, using the applicator tube, provides great breath immediately, which lasts for hours and hours. It contains L-Lysine to help prevent viral infection. It does not contain drugs or alcohol.


Teardrop with Charm Keychain |

These unique teardrop shaped keychains in are perfect for pet lovers everywhere. Teardrop size (leather only) – 2.75 inches long.Comes with a 1.25 inch keyring. Each keychain comes with the charm of your choosing. Choose the charm that best descibes your pet.