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By: Ezee Bike Canada  09-12-2011

The eZee bike Cadence is the classic comfort cruiser. Whether you are cruising the beach or using it for your daily commute, you will appreciate the plush ride.

The wide handlebars, generous saddle, and plush front suspension allow for comfort all the way. Larger riders often feel right at home on the Cadence - a classic cruiser with all the comforts in a power assisted bicycle.

It has great Shimano gears which allow it to be ridden just like the beach cruisers of old but with power there when you need it. Shifting gears is simple - the internally geared Shimano 7-speed hub allows you to change gears without moving and it is virtually maintenance free.

The eZee Cadence accelerates quietly and swiftly right up to the legal 32 kph limit, making hills and headwinds a breeze. The eZee Cadence floats on puncture proof tires, comfortably seating you on a double suspended Velo Cruiser comfort saddle while the triple crown motorcycle type front fork eliminates all bumps. A sturdy dual kickstand makes sure that it stays where you park it.

The battery on the eZee Cadence can be charged on or off the bike. The lockable battery-pack removes with ease in seconds. A complete charge from empty to full takes under six hours: you can top up at any time, with no memory problems.

With its lightweight Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack, the eZee Cadence weighs in at 24 kg - very light for an electric powered beach cruiser.

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