Content Management System Requirements: ElementCMS

By: Elementcms  09-12-2011

If your organization chooses the ElementCMS hosted solution, the only requirement for usage of the system is a modern web-browser (Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 1.5+) and an internet connection. There are no technical infrastructure requirements as the whole system is hosted and served at secure facilities by ElementCMS.

If your organization chooses the licensed version of ElementCMS, these are the following software requirements and recommended hardware:

Software Requirements:
[Licensed Version Only]

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2 Server (or higher)
Web Server: Microsoft IIS 5.0+
Application Server: Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework
Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2000

Hardware Recommendations:
[Licensed Version Only]

Pentium III 1.2 GHz (or higher) processor
512MB of RAM or higher
Minimum 500 MB free hard disk space

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