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By: Dynamic Footworks  09-12-2011
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Important Info

At Dynamic Footworks we strive to provide the best upper and lower limb care to you, the Client. We Have…

1) Extended Health Coverage – we are fully registered with all extended health care companies (ex. Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, etc., etc.). We also provide services for WCB, Veteran’s Affairs, RCMP, Canadian Forces, and First Nations Canada.

2) We have Flexible hours – We will book appointments outside regular office hours upon request.

3) House Calls – If you require us to come to you, no problem. Please let us know and  we can set up a time that will work for both of us.

Lower Limb Assessment

A complete lower limb assessment performed by a professional should take between a half hour to an hour. A typical foot assessment will include the following:

  • Review of medical history
  • Examination of current footwear
  • Foot length and width measurements
  • Custom 3-D molding of both feet
  • Summary of treatment options

Professional Shoe Fittings

Just like each individual is unique, so to are our feet. We take this into consideration when fitting shoes and recommend shoes to accommodate your specific width, length, stability and comfort level. Pronation and supination are very common biomechanical abnormalities of which our professionals are trained to identify. For more information on pronation versus supination see our treatments and conditions page. If you are a severe pronator or supinator it is very important to choose the right shoe as many shoes can aggravate the problem. We carry shoes that are designed specifically to accommodate or assist in correcting these issues.

Shoe Modifications

Often times a slight modification to your shoe is all you need to get that perfect fit.  Our shoe modification services include:

  • Shoe stretching (width, length and point stretching). **We are happy to provide this service at no charge.
  • Shoe lifts (full and heel)
  • Over the counter insole adjustments

Foot Care

Our registered nurse is specially trained and certified in footcare and promotes foot health by maintaining comfort and mobility. Services included in a footcare appointment are:

  • Nail trimming, thinning and filing
  • Debridement of dry thickened skin
  • Removing sources of irritation
  • Application of padding for pressure redistribution
  • Education on management of foot problems
  • Assistance with shoe selection
  • Assessing for development of abnormalities and identifying minor problems
  • Identifying minor problems
  • Providing a referral when necessary

Urban Poling Classes

Urban Poling (also known as Nordic Walking) is a fun, low impact, full body workout that is great for your muscles, your posture and your heart. It started in Finland in the 1930′s as a summer training program for Olympic Cross Country skiers and now as many as 1 in 4 people practice the sport daily in the Scandinavian countries. It is becoming increasingly popular in North America for its health benefits and because it is convenient and in-expensive. Kazia Ekelund is a certified Urban Poling instructor who teaches the Rutlin technique. There is a specific method to the walk and it is important you practice the proper technique to get the full benefits of the sport. We offer FREE introduction to Urban Poling classes throughout the summer to help you on your way to better health. We want to help keep our community active and healthy so join us for a casual fun evening at one of our free classes.  Also, if you are able to get a group of 5 to 10
friends together we are happy to arrange a private instructional class.

Keywords: Shoe Fittings

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This helps the veins in the legs return blood to the heart more effectively, restores blood flow to a normal state and aids in overall circulation.Compression Socks are prescribed by physicians to treat. Orthopedic and Diabetic Footwear – We carry a variety of specialty orthopedic and diabetic footwear, as well as a full range of widths for that hard to fit foot.