New - Ten Weeks to Joy

New - Ten Weeks to Joy from Dr. Anke Zimmermann, Naturopathic Physician, Classical Homeopath

By: Dr. Anke Zimmermann, Naturopathic Physician, Classical Homeopath  21-03-2011
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A program of transformation for serious illness and personal growth

What I have learned in 21 years of practice is: What everyone really wants in life is to be happy and joyful. I know many people who are, but many more who are not. Almost everyone I see suffers from some degree of depression and anxiety. Antidepressants are a billion dollar industry. Serious chronic illness is becoming common, especially cancer.

Research has discovered that our body and mind are affected by energy fields which store information and which run our entire organisms.

By working on the energy fields directly, rather than on the mind, which is affected by the energy field, it is often possible to release trauma and old programming quite easily and effectively, liberating the person in the process and allowing healing to take place.

I am now offering a new program which is a first of its kind: A ten-week intensive treatment program to increase your sense of joy and aliveness, combining some of the best techniques in the field, including homoeopathy, energy work, guided imagery and journalling.

The program consists of weekly, individual one-hour-long appointments, as well as some homework, including the use of guided imagery tapes. There is a rolling intake so people can start anytime.

If you need to create a radical shift in your health due to serious illness, depression or just to develop your full potential, this program is for you.

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