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By: Donald R. Mcleod Law  09-12-2011

Deal with questions of an infirm or elderly relative's care and management of his/her estate.

Your case will begin with us interviewing you at length so we know the history of the relationship; to keep costs as low as possible, we ask you to provide us with a written report setting out the circumstances of your case, with dates, times, names, and as much detail as possible. Remember you know more about your case than we do, so the more detail the better. We need to know how you and your spouse divided child care and household responsibilities, how much each of you worked outside the home, and the dates each of you did so, what you earned, and what financial arrangements you had, what assets each of you brought into the relationship, and what assets were acquired after the relationship began. We will give you a financial worksheet to complete, from which we can prepare a Property and Financial Statement - a document that the Court requires at the outset.

Only about 10% of cases actually go to trial; the vast majority are settled by negotiation. We do however obtain a trial date "just in case"; if your case cannot be settled, at least there is a trial date, which means the end is in sight.

We will not try to explain the whole process here: it is complex, and more easily explained in person.

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