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By: Dean Murdock  09-12-2011

Have you got a household oil tank? Better check it for leaks!

Did you know that heating with oil produces more greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas or electricty? It can also be quite expensive!

Convert to a heat pump, natural gas, or hydro electricity and you could be eligible for up to $2,000 in rebates!
The provincial Livesmart and federal EcoEnergy programmes offer about $1250 to convert to natural gas and $2000 for a heat pump.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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What’s happening is, rather than creating affordable units, contributing to a lack of affordable housing in Greater Victoria,” Casey Edge, executive officer of the CHBA’s Victoria branch said. Saanich approach to affordable housing making homes more costly, homebuilders association saysKyle Slavin, Saanich News. Saanich’s affordable housing fund actually makes homes less affordable, claims the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.


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Murdock wants to see Saanich Council introduce rooftop gardens as a suggested amenity for large-scale developments in major centre development permit guidelines. Green roofs allow urban residents to grow their own food, and help reduce our carbon footprint.. Murdock wants Saanich’s green roofs for urban farming. For Immediate ReleaseNovember 15, 2011.


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Saanich council agreed to rezone the property, at 3959 Shelbourne St., to include one-and-a-half floors of daycare, a rooftop play area, office space and a restaurant-style pub downstairs. A new daycare centre is planned for a yet-to-be-built four-storey project behind Tuscany Village. Daycare above pub supported for Shelbourne developmentKyle Slavin, Saanich News.


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Dean Murdock, chairman of the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee, said he's not aware of any other municipalities with such a local food procurement policy, although the University of Victoria does. Saanich is set to become the first municipality in the region to focus on local food for its events, moving toward having the same for all its food services. Saanich first in region to go 'local' on foodKim Westad.