General Contractor Services in BC - Design Build

By: Constructogroup  09-12-2011


Working with a General Contractor will ensure the best overall building results, regardless of which actual arrangement you choose - whether it be management contract, stipulated sum, or cost plus. As General Contractors, ConstructoGroup provides you with practical and administrative experience in the organization of construction projects, from the design stage through to construction completion. Our day-to-day working relationship with subcontractors and trades people, gives us the knowledge to guarantee the highest level of personnel performance and to choose the most appropriate construction technology and materials available today. Our appreciation for and understanding of cost, time and quality workmanship make our General Contracting team work for you.

Design + Build

If your specific project requires an overall Project Manager, ConstructoGroup has the professional experience and expertise. Our managerial involvement from project conception to completion will guarantee a smooth and successful building experience.

These qualifications also extend to our Construction Manager service. Acting on your behalf, we will provide construction consultation during the design and contract stages, administrate contract documentation and execution, and completely coordinate and supervise the actual construction of your project.

Consulting - House Hunting with Your Builder

Thinking of buying a particular house but not sure if renovations can be done or justifiable in the price range? We offer a consulting service which you may find valuable, especially if you and your Agent have narrowed down two or three candidate properties and are unsure which to choose. We'll walk through the house with you, determining your lifestyle requirements, preferences, and budget. We can then produce a fairly quick evaluation of the most cost-effective choice for your renovation dollars. In cases where the potential investment in property and the projected improvements are substantial, we can produce a design concept from which we prepare an estimate of probable cost for the work. Sometimes your final decision may not be based on cost, in which case we can dialog with you to sort out your various impressions and true preferences.

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