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By: Citychiro  09-12-2011
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Chiropractic Healthcare

Chiropractic care is natural preventative healthcare.  A doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) locates and corrects spinal and related dysfunction utilizing precise manual adjustments and other effective treatments.  To become a licensed chiropractor takes years of education comparable to medical school training and also a high level of physical skills to truly master.  Chiropractic doctors also incorporate nutrition, injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and overall health promotion in their services.  By improving and strengthening spinal function while providing customized natural health care, Chiropractic can be the answer for better strength, vitality, and overall well being. 

Acupuncture / TCM

Acupuncture originated in China over 5000 years ago.  It is based on the philosophy of qi, or vital life energy, which circulates along 12 major energy pathways called meridians, each of which has direct link to organs and systems in the body.  There are over 1000 points within the meridian system that may be stimulated to enhance the flow of qi.  When special tiny needles are placed into these acu-points just under the skin they help correct and rebalance the flow of energy in the body to relieve pain and restore health. Acupuncture has been shown extremely effective in the treatment of pain.  Also, acupuncture has been proven effective in the treatment of many illnesses and whole-body system dysfunctions. Used alone, or in concert with the other options listed above, TCM is a very powerful natural health option.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage helps maintain good muscle tone, flexibility, and is very effective for the management of muscular conditions. Massage can also help reduce the harmful affects of stress on your body.  When used by itself or in conjunction with our other therapies, Massage has many positive effects.  Massage Therapy is preventative health care and proactive healthcare. Massage is effective for people of all ages and at any stage of life.  It is also very effective for athletes before and after competition by reducing swelling, pain and stiffness, and by increasing circulation.   

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation

An Acupuncture facial treatment includes the insertion of acupuncture needles into fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck in order to reduce the visible signs of aging.  The body interprets the insertion of the needles as a “positive injury” which in turn stimulates collagen and elastin production locally, as well as increasing blood flow at the cellular level and nutrient exchange. 

Facial acupuncture is also a full constitutional treatment that views the face as an extension of the energy flows of the body which extend from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head.

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