First Nations Healing

By: Caulder  09-12-2011

First Nations Healing

Non-Insured Mental Health [NIMH] funds crisis counselling while Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program funds counselling for survivors and affected family members.

To apply for therapy under this funding, we will need your full name, date of birth and status number.

After acknowledging that we are of Euro-Canadian heritage, our counselling is based on a profound respect for the strengths and challenges faced individually and collectively by First Nations' men, women and children. We have been deeply influenced by the innate and distinct spiritual and cultural presence we experience while listening to client stories.

We offer collaborative, solution-focused counselling that is safe and respectful, to achieve the goals important to you. Along the way, teaching ways and means to quiet and calm memories, destructive feelings and unwanted thought; freeing your spirit to allow action from the best of you for the benefit of self, family and community.

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