Family Therapy

By: Caulder  09-12-2011

Family Therapy

All members of the family attend to present their surprisingly unique perceptions of the "Problem" and state their ideal resolutions. The process involves identifying attempted failed solutions and moments when the problem wasn't present. This begins the active pursuit of individual behavior change that leads to a collective attainment of a satisfactory transition to a new way of living together.

As therapists, our job is to enter your family enough to understand your needs but remain outside of the emotional entanglements far enough to facilitate the spontaneous solutions that the family is blinkered from seeing. We look for exceptions to problem behavior and coach families on how to get on with what they naturally or ecologically are headed towards before getting "stuck."

Gender conflict, privilege, and power examined, recognized and renegotiated.

Undue expectation and unwanted interference from extended family.

Moving from being a couple to accepting and sharing the inevitable tasks and responsibilities of having children.

Identifying beliefs and behaviors that no longer work as they were intended. Uncovering the family of origin secrets and the spoken or unspoken rules that are sometimes the "guiding hand" behind maintaining the intergenerational transmission of problem behaviors or generating ecological solutions.

Developing new transformative rituals and appreciation of individual needs requiring unique solutions.

Crisis, trauma, grief and loss, as well as, normal but "stuck" transitions in family development requiring an adjustment from all concerned

Education and coaching to integrate and support family members with reactive or chronic mental health problems, substance abuse, or illness

Fostering the full expression of individuality within a loving connection as a family member

Mediating and disentangling family business disputes

Adolescent Behaviour Problems and Conflict

In a rapidly evolving teen culture, the more things change the more they stay the same. Parents are guided to recall their youthful conflicts and confusion and generate or be coached on experiments to prioritize How to recall

Issues of boundaries and safety activate parental power and require the wisdom to know the difference between using consistent, firm but flexible guidance or a direct non-negotiable intervention.

Age appropriate communication, behavior and responsibility

Coaching and guidance to address substance misuse and abuse, as well as, addressing criminal behavior and preparation for court.

Single Parent or one person Family Therapy

Guidance and support

Strategic planning to address concerns prior to a full family session

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