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By: BMG Homes (Blanshard Marketing Group Inc.)  19-02-2011
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Why? An accurate Building measurement and As-Built floor plan of a building is one of the most important elements of any post-construction process including any renovation, real estate transactions and marketing.

A finished building seldom corresponds exactly to the original plans in every detail. This normally occurs because of un-foreseeable on-site complications and variations from the original plans. Sometimes such discrepancies may occur accidentally and may be economically unfeasible to rectify. Here in Victoria, where many homes and buildings were built before 1960, original plans simply may not still exist or renovations done throughout the years may have rendered the original plans inaccurate. The purpose of as-built measurement is to record these variations.

By utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment linked to the latest supporting software, Premium Urban Design records all these variations and converts them into the most accurate and advanced as-built drawings. Real estate companies, developers, construction consultants, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property and facility management companies all need this service at different levels of their work to provide a professional and accurate report on existing conditions of any given building.

We are able to provide everything from a simple 2D floor plan to a fully rendered 3D “walkthrough” of the property. We use the latest software to create not just a drawing, but a Building Information Model (BIM). This model can be imported to other specialty testing software used for many purposes including but not limited to, Energy consumption modeling, Volume calculation for heating or air-conditioning applications (available from specialists in those fields). We can even show you how the sunlight will fill your living room on a Sunday afternoon in January, or June or any time of day or year.

At Premium Urban Design, our goal is to tailor our service to fit your needs. If you are in Real Estate you may want a 3D walkthrough to give your client a real world feel of the property, even when the home is unavailable to see in person. Are you planning a renovation of your own home? We can provide an accurate starting point where your addition or remodel can be well planned from the start. Or maybe you just need to know what the real square footage of your space is. We can help both the professional and DIY interior designer play around with different ideas and see the results before moving one chair or painting a wall.

Realize your own resources by using our services!

Put yourself in your clients shoes, when they move to a new home or Condo, it takes most of us months or maybe years to feel out the right way of living comfortably and adapting to our new home. Sometimes just the simple things make huge changes in our lives and can surprise you how you didn’t see these smart solutions and how they made daily lifestyle comfortable. With our services we can help you show your potential clients how they can see their life style in that new home.

See the property advantages from our professional eyes! See the hidden beauties in property which were hiding from you! Advertisements are almost all the same. Express your home using clear points and distinguish yourself from other adds. This attracts that potential client and shows them that they found the right place. Advertising with just a description and some numbers is not enough for showing room sizes and furniture placement in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and so on. Giving pictures in not enough either! You need to show them, and have them visualize that home is right for them. These tools are powerful and have been proven to help clients find what they exactly were looking for!

Help them find their dreams and they will see themselves living in that new home! And finally of course, help yourself to make your marketing much more progressive!

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