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By: Blitware Technology  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Recovery, Safety Technology, Reliable Data Recovery,

  • Automatically update your PC's drivers

    Driver Fetch helps you install the drivers you need for your computer to run properly. By analyzing the hardware on your computer and comparing it to its large driver database, Driver Fetch is able to recommend driver updates that are tailored specifically for your PC.

  • Get the software you need to open unrecognized files

    If you've ever downloaded a file or received an attachment that your computer simply cannot open, you know exactly why we built File Helper. File Helper was created to help you get the correct applications on your computer for any files you need to open. Thanks to File Helper's custom web service you always get the latest software solutions delivered right to your computer.

  • Fix registry inconsistencies and free up PC resources

    PC Medkit was the very first product Blitware designed. In fact, PC Medkit existed before Blitware did! We spent almost two years developing one of the most polished registry cleaners in the world. We stand behind this product as a testament to our software craftsmanship and tremendous customer support team.

  • Reliable data recovery with advanced file safety technology

    If you've accidentally erased important files from your computer, don't panic! Even though the file is no longer visible to you, in many cases it is completely recoverable - as long as you use the right software. Undeleter by Blitware scans your hard drives, USB devices, cameras, and any other storage media connected to your computer and recovers deleted files you thought were gone for good.

  • Keywords: Data Recovery, Reliable Data Recovery, Safety Technology,

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    Fix registry inconsistencies and free up PC resources

    PC Medkit is a safe and effective registry cleaner, and includes extra features for managing the programs and services that run when you boot your system. Do you have unneeded startup items and services running in the background of your PC, sapping its resources. Are you concerned about Windows Registry inconsistencies bogging down your system. Even if PC Medkit can't fix your problem, our tech support team can.


    Reliable data recovery with advanced file safety technology

    Undeleter by Blitware scans your computer and any attached storage devices - including cameras, external hard drives, and USB drives - for deleted files and folders. DataStream Technology: Unlike other file recovery utilities, Undeleter takes extra steps to preserve the integrity of your recoverable files. External device recovery: Need to recover files from an external device like a USB drive or external hard drive.


    Automatically update your PC's drivers

    Whether it's because you're trying to install new hardware, optimize your computer's performance, or troubleshoot a system problem, updating your drivers is something every computer user has to face eventually. Driver Fetch's hardware scan and driver database are tuned to recommend drivers that work with your hardware on your version of Windows.


    Get the software you need to open unrecognized files

    Even if you're able to determine which application your file needs, you still need to find it - a process that can be challenging if the program you need is old, rare, or discontinued. With so many proprietary file extensions and formats out there, getting the right application to open your unrecognized file can be difficult.