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By: Beanstalk  09-12-2011
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SEO copywriting is an artform. Riding that delicate balance between content that ranks and content that appeals to human visitors requires a strong understanding of what the search engines want to see as well as what your visitors want to read. That's where we step in.

At Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization we have years of experience in writing content that's SEO-friendly and that converts. Whether you're needing content for your website or articles to be published on other's sites, we know what works.

Something that is constant among all our copywriting services is that we're going to need you to be involved. While we always try to minimize the time a client needs to be involved with our projects, helping determine what your message is going to be to the world is an important task and one that requires your unique understanding of your target audience to do right. For the most part we will gather the vast majority of this information in advance, create the content you need, and will only need your feedback on the finished product. For larger project however we may need more of your feedback to insure we're presenting your message to your audience.

We invite you to review the various copywriting services we offer below. All are geared towards helping you to attain traffic and to help your SEO efforts.

Copywriting for a website is a task that carries with it the most important weight. The content on your website needs to help your site secure top rankings while at the same time conveying to your visitors the messages you want to relay. It is in this area that our skills are most applied and our communications with our client are at their peak.

Choosing Beanstalk as a provider of quality content for your website is more than a matter of simply telling us to write for you and being done with it. If this is what you're looking for then another SEO firm or copywriting service might be a better choice. When we're writing content for your website we need for you to be involved periodically to help us insure that the messages we're conveying are yours.

The cost of our website SEO copywriting services depends a lot on the number of words per page and the number of pages we're being asked to create. A standard 500-word page of content would cost $295. If the pages are longer then the cost is increased, if there are many pages of content needed then the cost decreases. We're happy to provide a custom quote for your specific situation.

Article Writing Services

Hiring Beanstalk to write an article for you to submit and have published around the web is a great link building method and one we use ourselves. With this copywriting service you'll need to be a lot less involved that with our Website SEO Copywriting Services. When we're working on an article for you we'll gather together some ideas on topics, trends and resources from your industry from you and then come back a few days later with a well-written article for you to proof and submit.

A standard article would range between 1,000 and 1,300 words depending on the topic. Our fee for this is $295.

Blog Copywriting

We all know that blogs are important and we all know that we should have one on our site; unfortunately many of us find we just don't have time for regular blog updating. This is where our blog copywriting service comes in.

We are experts at research. We're happy to learn your products and industry and post to your blog for you. The cost with this depends on the industry and on the regularity you would like us to post to your blog. If you wanted us to post to your blog in a standard industry (let's say mortgages) 3 times per week with a length of 300 to 500 words per post you'd be looking at $50/post.

* All pricing is in US dollars.

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Keywords: search engine, Search Engine Optimization, search engines, Seo Copywriting Services

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