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Keywords: Logistics, supply chain, Fleet Management

MOBILEFusion, MOBILEField Service Management, MobileYard and MOBILEForms are a suite of scalable and affordable web-based applicatons based on real-time asset locating technologies for businesses that need efficiencies in their operations.

Our MOBILEFusion platform allows visibility into all your assets whether mobile or fixed on a single platform for end to end supply chain and logistics visibility. We use bar-code, RFID, RTLS, GPS and Location-based services for mobile resource management; workforce, field service, fleet and yard management, maritime fleet and public transit applications to improve productivity and efficiency.

Choose which products work for your application, budget and timeframe. Add from our product suite, retain your existing equipment, add on third party hardware, or ask us to recommend the most effective combination. MOBILEFusion is flexible enough to pull the pieces together and get the communication going.

Seamlessly. Going mobile was never so easy.

Fleet tracking - scale out as required - what you need and can afford - using features you want, with no bloatware and unnecessary data costs.

AppLocation's full featured fleet management system includes the capability to integrate to ERP systems and completes the logistics package with ability to upgrade by adding locating and logistic technologies, RFID, MOBILEForms, and Yard Management as your business grows, all on the same web-based platform. MOBILEFusion is a full enterprise mobility platform that can scale as your business and requirements do.

  • Skill match & job zones
  • Shift notification & work status
  • Work ticket data capture & Overtime optimization
  • Wireless timecard records individual & team

MOBILEFusion and MOBILEField Service are available in hosted, licensed or leased options.

Optional features include handset tracking, route optimization, lone worker and emergency staff alerts,weather alerts, integration to industry specific software,location based advertising among others.

Who benefits from MOBILEFusion & MOBILEField Service?

Property management companies, any company with field service technicians, construction contractors, IT services, HVAC companies, electrical, social services, home health care, any firm that dispatches workers.

MOBILEField Service uses the mapping, start/stop, overspeed, breadcrumbing components from our MOBILEFusion platform and adds field workforce management software such as dispatch to match skills to the job and track time. Machine generated records add efficiencies you need to improve your business operation. This information is easily integrated into your financial package.

MOBILEField Service Management provides an overview of worker and service trends plus the ability to dig deeper into the data from a variety of input sources.

Our yard management uses any technology hardware as the locating base for the logistics tool. MOBILEYard can 'park' buses so maintenance workers can find which bus to work on or integrate with scheduling systems so the right bus goes out at the right time. We can assist you find items in large yards where there are no painted guidelines. We use the locating data to integrate with wide area systems (GPS, WiFi) or integrate with real-time locating systems (RTLS using RFID), RFID or barcode in the warehouse or where GPS won't work.

Whether you need

  • Up to 1 metre accuracy CEP parking buses
  • To precisely locate metallic items
  • To know if an item is in or out of a yard
  • An alert if an item has moved in the last hour
  • Immediate alert on motion detection as an anti-theft device

AppLocation has an affordable yard management solution right out of the box .

Improve Operations by Going Mobile

Our ability to link directly to the ERP via handheld devices with MOBILEFusion provides a number of enhancements to logistics, particularly with very large yards.

Integrating MOBILEYard asset locating technology results in cost savings for manufacturers looking for productivity and throughput gains.

Our experience with a variety of handheld devices over the years means we have provided autofill forms for clients in highly regulated fields that need reduce the paper work burden on skilled employees such as pilots and ship masters. The biggest problems are typically repetitive forms, skipped lines, reversed numbers, and human error that cascade to administrative issues delaying payments, affecting cash flow and generally causing havoc with accounting. These operational pressures may be reduced dramatically with auto-fill forms on mobile devices sent directly to the financial system over the air.

We do auto-fill forms on wireless devices, bar-code and RFID enabled, wireless ERP integration for auto inventory replenishment.

Do you have an location based application that needs to be streamlined?

Keywords: Fleet Management, fleet tracking, Logistics, Rfid, supply chain, Workforce Management, Yard Management

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We have written custom applications for wireless devices, custom encrypted satellite communication links, and written mobility applications for enterprise clients under telco partnership. A commercial ASP operation providing smaller clients the capability to implement mobile asset tracking or yard management service without having to establish their own infrastructure.