Peace Sign Hinged Box 4"x 6"

By: The Threads That Bind Us  09-12-2011

This fantastic little treasure box is a blast from the past, with a peace sign carved into the surface of its lid. The rest of the box has been aptly carved with an elaborate pattern of flowers, leaving it appearing almost seamless but for the hinges that allow it to flip open. The entire thing measures approximately 4" deep by 6" wide, and 2 1/2" high.

$20.00 only

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The image of the Greenman, often used to represent nature's power of rebirth and growth, as well as the male divine, has been carved with his leafy visage, displaying hair made of vines and leaves to highlight his intent expression. Made of solid wood, it features metal accents that wrap around the box's corners on every side, fastened there by rivets and lending the impression that the box is bound by metal bands.


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The box's lid is little different, featuring the wavy, natural pattern of wood grain that seems to only enhance and accent the brass pentagram inlay that is set within the lid's center. Measuring approximately 6" wide, 4" deep, and 2 1/4" high, it is perfect for containing jewelry, talismans, and small ritual items. This leaves a clean slate with only the beautiful, natural grain of the wood enhanced only by the wood-stain finish.


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