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By: Naomi Pearson  09-12-2011

Today I spent the day with my wonderful friend, a kindred quilter, who has just arrived home from her winter in Mexico.  She came home with goodies for her grandchildren, wonderful new ideas and a beautiful tan.

The most enjoyable part of our visit was hearing what some of their time was spent doing.  They spend days on an event helping victims of cancer from the community.  341 women in 3 days came in for undergarments fitted with  a prosthesis,  wigs, crocheted hats, and a hearty bowl of soup with a bun, all donated.  Volunteers were sewing, doing hair, making cute head coverings for those going through chemo and an entire soup kitchen. 

I was proud of my friend who could have taken a totally self indulged holiday but instead chose to give of herself as she does here at home.