Health Coach Services

By: Life Enthusiast  09-12-2011

Professional Consulting is sometimes required
to move us through issues that bind us to old habits.

At Life Enthusiast Co-op, we have more than 25 years of involvment with health and wellness practitioners, on both personal and business levels.

Many wonderful and talented professionals are available to serve you, in your quest for health.

Please feel free to call, or write to them.

If you want to change your state of health,
please consider changing your lifestyle.

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Dentistry User Reports

The explanation for this pain-relief with water is, I learnt, because when a cell becomes acidic instead of slightly alkaline the "acidic environment causes irritation of certain nerve endings in the body" and the acidity is what causes pain.


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Our product lines are tested against the background of hellish life experiences of the Co-op's founders that moved them into the field of natural healing. Your plant stays sick and gets sicker still, even though this treatment has made it appear to be outwardly well, at least in the short term. Life-Enthusiast Co-op offers truly nature-made products infused with life essence, prana, chi, orgone, the soul of life itself amplified.