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By: Life Enthusiast  09-12-2011

Chosen with professional and personal experience in holistic healing.

We offer exceptional products that stood the test of time and of direct personal experience. Our product lines are tested against the background of hellish life experiences of the Co-op's founders that moved them into the field of natural healing.

Seek, and ye shall find.

Knock, and the door will be opened to you…

It is a long trip from treating symptoms that the established medical practitioners focus on, to treating the cause of sickness.

From painkillers to true rehabilitation.

From crippling pain and misery to living with joy and inspiration, sharing the success stories with all those who seek to hear them. Life-Enthusiast Co-op has now become a mission which transcends the realm of mere physical health, it extends into the spiritual. It is a living entity, which grows through customer feedback and through the research of its members. Our product lines focus on recovery from chronic and degenerative conditions, and on enhancing the well-being and performance of those who consider themselves healthy.

Each one of our hundreds of products -a list that grows perpetually- serves to bring you a step closer to optimal health and wellness. We take care of all aspects of the human body - from skin, to individual organs, from cleansing to nutrition on the cellular level.

Think of sickness this way: When you have a headache, is it because your body is deficient in ibuprofen? When someone comes down with some kind of cancer, is it because this person is craving chemotherapy, or radiation?… No. What the body needs and craves are natural nutrients, vitamins, stuff of the earth, foods of nature. We come from nature, we are made of nature, of the earth. So when we are sick, it is the stuff of nature that we need to get better. Life-Enthusiast Co-op offers truly nature-made products infused with life essence, prana, chi, orgone, the soul of life itself amplified.

We thrive on customer feedback and we celebrate customer discussion.

There is a circular play between what customers share with us and what we share with them, and it makes Life-Enthusiast Co-op a living and ever-growing entity.

Picture a plant that is withering in its pot, before your eyes. Where it was once a vivid green, it is now the color of pale slime, and its leaves are yellowing and falling off. What would a symptom relieving treatment offer? Will you attempt to glue the leaves back on, or spray it with a coat of green coloring to darken its hue? Your plant stays sick and gets sicker still, even though this treatment has made it appear to be outwardly well, at least in the short term. Let us give to the plant that which, in its sickness, it is lacking. We feed it energized water and natural nutrients, and soon the vivid green color returns and it grows new leaves.

Should we have focused on the leaves falling off as the problem? Or should we seek to understand why the leaves were falling off, in the first place? Was the plant's soil dry and lacking nutrients? Using this analogy, you can surely see how we chose the products we offer. In our analogy, the plant could be you, our customer.

Welcome aboard!

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Dentistry User Reports

The explanation for this pain-relief with water is, I learnt, because when a cell becomes acidic instead of slightly alkaline the "acidic environment causes irritation of certain nerve endings in the body" and the acidity is what causes pain.


Health Coach Services

At Life Enthusiast Co-op, we have more than 25 years of involvment with health and wellness practitioners, on both personal and business levels. Professional Consulting is sometimes requiredto move us through issues that bind us to old habits. Many wonderful and talented professionals are available to serve you.