Custom Arch Supports & Orthotic Inserts For Shoes

By: Good Feet  09-12-2011
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1. SELECTION: Good Feet features 25 different styles of arch supports in over 350 sizes! Why? Because everyone’s feet, needs and lifestyle are different. You might work in an office where you wear loafers or high heels. In that case, you’ll want a thin support that will fit in tighter shoes while giving you the support you need to get through your day. Or, you might be a nurse or a teacher, in which case you’re constantly on the move. You’ll want a support that’s a little firmer and fits comfortably in a closed toe slip-on or lace up shoe. Do you work construction or serve in the military? Then you’ll want a more substantial support that cradles your feet while they take a pounding! No matter what your need, Good Feet has a huge selection of products and sizes to fit in virtually any shoe—from high heels and sandals to work boots and athletic shoes. No other arch support provides as many options and solutions as Good Feet Arch Supports.

2. SERVICE: When you walk into a Good Feet Store, you’re a customer for life! After we personally fit you for the arch supports you need, we’ll follow up with you via phone to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit from your purchase….and if you ever have a problem with your supports, just come into the store or contact our customer service department and we’ll work with you to get you relief!

3. QUALITY: Our Good Feet products are manufactured right here in the USA….in our own exclusive factory. All Good Feet products pass a rigorous quality assurance process and most products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We guarantee Good Feet Arch Supports won’t break, crack or flatten—and if they do, we’ll replace them for you right away. That’s quality you can count on.

Keywords: Arch Support, Arch Supports, high heels, Shoes

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