Urban Design & Planning | ZAS

By: Zas  09-12-2011

Working for public and private sector clients, we shape and enhance urban places of all scales through strategic actions, holistic design and progressive policies that build on these synergies. At the core of our practice is a deep commitment to improving the lives of people at every level of society. We have been recognized as leaders in this field, having earned multiple awards demonstrating excellence in urban place making and master planning. Our work strives to achieve consensus-driven solutions that are visionary, supportive and achievable.

Other products and services from Zas


Interior Design | ZAS | Architects + Interiors

We offer a complete range of interior design services to our clients, and are particularly adept working with multi-disciplinary teams with technical and engineering expertise. Our team of interior designer professionals keep abreast of new developments in the industry to incorporate modern, sustainable systems and materials in our work.


Transportation | ZAS | Architects + Interiors

Whether it is a new passenger terminal or an operations building, we are interested and capable of delivering unique, localized solutions for all forms of Transit Authority projects. Our work in this specialized sector reflects a desire to show how transportation buildings and systems can be highly functional, but also bold, elegant and inviting to their users.


Signage & Graphics | ZAS

Working closely with ZAS designers, we use the power of graphics to create spaces and visual communication tools that fully support an organization’s brand and values. Our ability to visually integrate custom signage in a building project has produced striking results and tremendous value to our clients. In the private sector, our major clients include Fortune 500 multi-nationals, development and financial services corporations.


Architecture | ZAS | Architects + Interiors

Our quarter century of success is rooted in a studio culture that emphasizes entrepreneurial energy, accessible project leadership and a thorough understanding of each client’s business. ZAS began in 1984 as a Canadian architectural partnership focused on high-quality design supported by expertise in service and management.