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By: Yechte Consulting  09-12-2011


We recognise that each client has a unique profile and different objectives. We develop tailored strategies for each client, assign the right people for the right tasks and select the most appropriate tools to implement those strategies based upon the client needs rather than compensation or firm affiliation.


Efficient workflow is achieved when both parties communicate fluidly and identify sequential key development milestones. We have developed cost-effective strategies and communication tools to enhance the workflow and minimise the costs of our services.

PHASE 1: Engagement: Building relationship with client, defining the project objectives, defining requirements and assigning the right resources to the right tasks. Setting up suitable work strategy. Defining communication tools and project standards.

PHASE 2: Delivery: Developing the proposal. Production information, intense communication, refining proposal. Agreements, reviews and issue. Intense communication eliminates errors, saves costs on the overall delivery.

PHASE 3: Completion: Finalising the proposal. Post production. Project transmittal and financial analysis. Feedbacks. Return on investment.

Quality control

The financial stability of your company is our concern, so we have implemented a quality control procedure that virtually eliminates any risks of development errors before issue.

Case study

Challenging times for the construction industry can make many companies vulnerable, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). This is the reason this company exists: to create opportunities for practices to reduce their cost and increase their margin returns.

Every company needs to account for up-to-date hardware, onerous softwares and office space costs, on top of statutory associated expenses. In case of a project that normally requires 6 peoples (100%) at full time capacity, working with us can save up to 70% of the running costs and liberate many man-hours (65%). Those saved man-hours can then be attributed to other tasks and bids for other projects. So with little financial input (15%), a team can almost double its productivity.

Planning applications become one-man jobs, 3D models are a fraction of the cost, repetitive details are quick to reproduce and amendments to drawings are twice as fast to deliver. By optimising its resources and spending, a SME can streamline bigger projects and increase returns.

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Yechte Consulting - Services - CAD Drafting, Detailing, Paper-to-Computer Conversions

Our technical team is proficient with any kind of 2 and 3 dimensional architectural, mechanical and structural detailing including steelwork structures, precast concrete detailing, foundation setting-outs, as well as wall, roof junctions and cladding setting-out.