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By: Xyfon Solutions  09-12-2011

One of the most important things you can do to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business is to optimize your workflow. With an increasingly diverse range of communication methods, content management systems, and complex corporate processes, workflow optimization has become a primary focus across all industries.

At Xyfon, our productivity specialists are trained to recognize and implement strategies for getting things done with less time and resources. We’ll consult with your team to identify your core business goals, analyze your existing processes and organizational structures, and then make expert recommendations for saving and streamlining. Your staff will have more time to devote to revenue-generating tasks, with less redundancy and reduced overhead. The end result? Measurable improvements that significantly boost your bottom line.

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Whether you’re updating a legacy application or need to create a new one from the bottom up, Xyfon can deliver a solution tailored to your timeline, budget, and business goals. Your solution will be built with the latest cutting-edge technologies, with the flexibility to accommodate your growing business in the years to come. Our engineers have decades of combined experience developing and deploying complex enterprise applications.


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At Xyfon, we minimize risk by backing up your electronic assets—invoices, customer records, transaction files, business plans, and more—by storing snapshots of your servers on an off-site backup server. Among companies who experience a loss of data files due to a catastrophic event or hardware failure, more than half of them will go out of business within a year.


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In the event of a system failure or catastrophic event, you’ll be able to restore all files and applications in minutes, with minimal downtime and loss of revenue. Developed by Symantec to run reliably on Windows platforms, Backup Exec provides small- and mid-sized businesses with comprehensive backup and recovery services.


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At Xyfon, we’ll handle all aspects of implementation, seamlessly integrating Symantec with your existing infrastructure and providing all necessary follow-up support. Whether you have five or five hundred employees, it’s critical to safeguard workstations, servers, and networks from hackers, spyware, and other malicious activity.


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Through the use of cutting-edge virtualization software, VM solutions have made it possible to more efficiently manage workstations and networks by consolidating servers. At Xyfon, we’re well-versed in the best practices for data archiving and file compression, keeping your information safely stored and easily accessible.