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By: Wilson Banwell  09-12-2011
Keywords: Productivity, Workplace Health , Behavioural Sciences

Our Organizational Wellness Services are aimed at advancing the health and productivity of workplaces through evidence-based education, behaviour change, workplace development and health promotion.

Services are provided by a collection of talented professionals practiced in the application of the behavioural sciences to advance the health and productivity of employees and their workplaces.

Organizational Wellness services mirror the growth of research and practice in the workplace health field. They help to:

  • Resolve workplace conflict and intervene into harm-producing work climates
  • Develop resilience achievement through workgroups
  • Select and develop managers who can support the productivity and health of workgroups
  • Build protective health habits and skills for individuals and groups
  • Ensure employees are fit to support the health and safety of the workplace

Organizational Wellness services are part of Homewood Human Solutions™ integrated approach to the health and productivity of organizations: directly supporting the health and well-being of employees, advancing healthy and constructive work environments, and reinforcing the organizational foundations for health and productivity.

Keywords: Behavioural Sciences, Productivity, Workplace Development, Workplace Health ,

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Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP

An EFAP is a professional and confidential service which is offered by an organization to its employees and their families to support them in quickly and efficiently resolving a vast range of problems that may impact work performance, wellness and behaviour. The model of counselling is primarily cognitive-behavioural and short-term in focus, with clearly defined and achievable behaviour-change goals.


Proactive, integrated and complete behavioural health solutions for employees and the companies they work for

In addition to our claims management, Homewood Human Solutions™ provides attendance support services, substance abuse assessments and diagnosis, psychological assessment and treatment, and depression care to ensure effective medical identification and management of any identified health issues.