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By: Websundew  09-12-2011

Graphic Interface for Script Functionality

If you ever tried to integrate an HTML-based data source into your business report or somehow use it in a processed form, you must know the tedium of the cut-and-paste exercise. The job of integration of unstructured HTML data into a structured format is a trivial everyday job that we do in the line of work. It may be an update for market quotes or a probe into competitor's prices. You may have distributed web applications that need integrating for data aggregation purposes. Anyway, until now we had to do such things manually. There were a number of web data retrieval solutions, but none of them offered a user-friendly interface. At some point or another you had to put in a script patch into you template, which denied access to the web scraping for users, unversed in programming.

Benefits of Data Aggregation and Market Intelligence

The software transforms manipulations in GUI into a script and runs it at the user's request, thus providing updates of market figures and aggregated data in the customary format. It allows integrating current figures into your calculations and instantaneously provides you with the ground for an informed decision or response. Graphic interface relieves you of needless complexity and dramatically decreases the total cost of ownership of data integration solution. The solution does not require IT staff involvement or the user's extensive knowledge of applications.

WebSundew 4.0 Features at a Glance

  • Extracts HTML-based data to CSV, XML or Microsoft Excel format
  • Step-by-step template wizards
  • Built-in web browser
  • Automatic iteration for linked pages
  • Extracts images and files
  • Multilevel extraction
  • Macros for automatic log into sites and data extraction
  • Scheduling Extraction
  • Command Line Tools

System Requriments

  • Operating System Requirement: Windows Seven/Vista/XP/2000
  • Processor (CPU): Pentium III/Athlon 1000 MHz or above
  • RAM: 512 MB or above

Restrictions Enforced in the Unregistered Version of the Program:

  • 15-day trial period. You can download and use our products free of charge for the trial period. Upon expiration of the trial period, using the program will be impossible.
  • The maximum number of pages that can be processed is 3. During the automatic extraction of data, you may retrieve data only from the first 3 pages of the web site.

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