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By: Webmotif Net Services  09-12-2011
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Sometimes we never touch Photoshop or our HTML editors when we are working for you. Sometimes we spend days, even weeks just surfing the web, and you're paying us to do it.

Before you think that this is some kind of plush job, it's not. One of WebMotif's most valuable services for our clients is our consultation and planning services. We do intense research into your site's global ranking and positioning on the web, and find ways to improve on it. If your website is not performing as well as you would want it to, or isn't representing your company very well, we have the skills and tools to turn your site 180 and get it working the way you want.

Comprehensive Site Consultations

This one is the motherlode. If your site isn't working the way you want or isn't drawing in customers or representing your company, we can help. We'll do a full research and review of your website and those of your competitors. We'll sit with you and find out what performance you want from your online presence. Once we've completed our work, we'll present you with a detailed report on everything about your current site, your competitors and your online ranking. We'll also present you with a super-detailed report containing suggested strategies, planning and technologies you can use to get the results you expect from your online presence.

Site Planning and Marketing

Many of our clients build their websites using existing staff. One major hurdle in this kind of situation is that internal staff may be capable of building a good website, but have very little Internet marketing skills, or no experience with web strategies and targets.

WebMotif will work with your staff to ensure that the company's plans for the website are fulfilled and you get the kind of site visitor you expect. We'll help you with marketing ideas, site planning and design tweaks to make sure your website functions smoothly and gets noticed online, both through your own design and through effective external marketing.

Search Engine Optimization and Ranking

Keywords: Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Marketing, search engine, Search Engine Optimization

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