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By: Vpot  09-12-2011
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SERVICES Consultation, Assessment, Education, MentoringA child who is struggling at school or home may have delayed development and may not behave in ways or have abilities that are typical for the child’s age. The family may observe difficulty with sucking, swallowing and chewing; developing coordinated movements for speech; avoiding eye contact; screaming when having diapers changed or hair washed; and achieving independence in dressing, washing, feeding or using the bathroom. The school may observe difficulty with writing, engaging with other children in imaginative play, and developing problem-solving and coping strategies.Understanding the exact nature and extent of a child’s underlying problems is the first step in assisting a child to be more successful in performing important daily life activities. CONSULTATION is the first stepJane offers caring, family centered consultation to help parents and other professionals understand a child’s difficulties and develop a team approach for support and intervention. Consultation may include talking to the family or teachers; observing the child at play or in school; discussing a typical 24 hour day or administering appropriate screening or comprehensive assessment tests. The information is analyzed, presented for discussion and documented. Jane uses the problems identified by the family or school, clinical evidence, observation and evidence-based research to guide the process and outcomes. If occupational therapy is indicated, Jane will assist the family or school source qualified practitioners close to home and discuss options for financing therapy.In areas of BC where OT services are limited, Jane will work with the family or school to develop alternatives such as a Sensory Diet to be implemented at home or school. ASSESSMENT is an important part of the process
Evaluating and understanding sensory processing difficulties and the effects of poor motor coordination and planning is essential for supporting a child’s improved performance in daily life activities.Jane is a skilful and experienced clinician. She offers a wide range of current assessments to determine a child’s level of performance in sensory processing, motor coordination (fine and gross), self-care, feeding and eating, written output and keyboarding. Her approach to testing is gentle and supportive and children leave her office having had fun and feeling successful. EDUCATION is the key to understandingEducating parents, teachers and other professionals so they understand why a child is behaving in certain ways is very important, and is integrated seamlessly into the consultation process. Jane also gives lectures and professional in-service to teachers, occupational therapists and parents, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of the group or institution. Examples would be:
  • Developing oral-motor and feeding skills in the Down Syndrome and other populations (a sensory and motor approach to treatment)
  • Developing printing and/or handwriting skills
  • Understanding sensory integration as a theory and a treatment intervention – OT/SI
  • Developing a Sensory Diet at home or school

MENTORINGsupports the next generation
Jane is passionate about her profession and the benefits it brings to families. She provides support to her younger colleagues in private practice by offering caseload management in their OT/SI clinics and business development consultation.

SERVICES for Adults
Sensory processing is unique for each and every person and affects career choices, employment options and personal relationships. Jane offers consultation and assessment to adults who wish to understand their Sensory Processing profile. She also provides assessment of written output to determine if a student should be allowed to use a computer for examination purposes.

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