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By: Visioncritical  09-12-2011
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Media Testing – Create Bullet Proof Content

How do you deliver programming that consistently wins hearts and minds? Use Media Testing.

Each year companies spend millions trying to understand their audience. Yet when it comes to predicting programming success, the results are often unclear. Why? Because traditional research techniques like dial testing and test screenings are centered on “what” the audience responds to rather than “why” they respond to it. And knowing why – or what motivates – is a much better predictor of future behavior.

Vision Critical’s Media Testing gets to the root of audience motivation. While other research tools answer what the consumer may like or dislike – a distinctly one-dimensional scale – Media Testing unearths deeper, multi-dimensional emotional drivers, ranging from boredom, confusion and delight to annoyance and intrigue.

Even better, Media Testing reveals these drivers as the content plays, allowing you to examine audience responses to TV, radio and online video in microscopic detail. Learn exactly where in the story’s dramatic arc the audience engages, which announcer’s voice resonates most, or what trigger words draw the desired response. Get this information delivered in a range of customizable visual reports – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline testing.

Why Choose Media Testing?

Remove Guesswork
Go beyond the traditional “like-dislike” audience rating scales to pinpoint which words, images and sounds trigger specific emotional responses.

Track in Real-Time
Watch audience response while your clip, promo or ad plays – instantly revealing high points and low points. Compare and contrast patterns over time.

Expand Reach
Broaden your audience sample to include different types of audiences, from different market segments.

Control Budget
Online analysis and reporting gives you a significant cost savings over central location or offline focus group testing.

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