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By: Vision Critical  09-12-2011

IdeaScreenPlus – Accelerate Innovation

You have lots of great ideas.
But which ones have the best chance of success?
IdeaScreenPlus distills the answers with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Research suggests it takes an average of 3000 ideas to get to one commercial success

. While many business gurus will point out that this high failure rate is the price of product innovation — what they often miss is how costly it can be. That’s because the traditional process of testing and refining hundreds of ideas each year is both painfully time-consuming and labour-intensive.

IdeaScreenPlus simplifies and streamlines the process of screening early stage ideas, at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches. By automating iterative testing, it cuts out arduous processes, leaving you with more time to narrow down and refine your most promising ideas.

You can use IdeaScreenPlus with your VC community panels as well as our global panels, and view results that help pinpoint an idea’s strengths or weaknesses and how you can improve it. And with rich visualization tools to sharpen the sorting of respondent data, you’ll spot hot trends faster, and know which ideas are duds early on and which ones are worth pursuing further.

Why Choose IdeaScreenPlus?

Save time and money.
Why wait to test? Time is money. Whether you have 5 ideas or 500, IdeaScreenPlus lets you rapidly craft studies and collect respondent feedback in days instead of weeks. Speed up your innovation cycle for a fraction of the cost of conventional testing.

Find the one.
IdeaScreenPlus compresses the data collection cycle, giving you more time to test, re-test and refine your early stage ideas. Those with the best chance of success can be identified early and more often, giving you additional time to polish them into winning concepts.

Say ‘yes’ more often.
With IdeaScreenPlus research tools at your fingertips, you’ll free up more time for both testing and filtering early-stage ideas, while increasing the quality of input you collect. Make informed go/no-go decisions based on data you can trust.

Partner with the online pioneer
IdeaScreenPlus is the latest research innovation to come out of the lab of Vision Critical. Over the past decade, we’ve pioneered dozens of interactive tools and services to make the work of market researchers easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Choose how little or how much help you want.
Our flexible service model lets you decide how little or how much support you want. We can show you how to set-up studies yourself, help you execute the steps, or layer on research services and run the process from end-to-end.

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