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By: Vision Critical  09-12-2011

Confident Decisions Need Accurate Information

Learning all you can about your customers and swiftly taking action are crucial to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys can reveal a lot, but they don’t tell you everything you need to know. To get the complete picture, you need discover what your customer isn’t telling you. This knowledge is the missing link to truly understanding your customer issues, needs and motivations and then promptly acting on them.

The Vision Critical Customer Experience Management solution provides deep, real-time and continuous insight into your customers’ behaviors and attitudes to enable improved performance across the organization. Put the right information into the right hands and empower your employees to act on it.

Why Choose Vision Critical’s Customer Experience Management Solution?

Superior Respondent Experience Means Superior Data

At the end of the day, all you really need is for your respondents to reply to your customer experience surveys – we can help you do that. Our award winning visual questions as well as the ability to easily “skin” your surveys to match your brand means that your clients get a consistent experience across all touch points. Use our visual and interactive techniques to achieve higher response rates, enhance participation, and deepen engagement.

Streamline Your CEM Program

Get a quick and easy snapshot of the total customer experience without having to manually collect data or mess with spreadsheets. Vision Critical CEM automatically gathers and analyzes information from various external and internal sources into one central, easy-to-use location, providing scorecard-style reports that let you quickly drill down into the data.

Actionable Data

Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Executives want dashboard style reports while lower level managers get better use out of more detailed reports. Empower your people with the information that they need to react immediately to emergency situations, track issues, and drive ongoing improvement.

Expert Service and Support

It’s about more than just technology, Vision Critical CEM comes with a team of customer satisfaction and loyalty experts to help you design and execute the right program for your organization. You can also specify the level of research support you require. Need help designing the survey, but want to interpret the data on your own? No problem. Need to report up the chain with an executive presentation? Easy.

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