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By: Vision Critical  09-12-2011

Panels of thousands for definitive decisions, communities of hundreds for innovative ideas.

Engage directly with your customers on a fast, flexible and cost-effective online platform that manages your private panels, qualitative communities, discussion groups and online surveys.

Imagine what you could learn from a conversation with thousands of customers all gathered in a room. What do they think of your brand? Which new package design do they like best? Does your new ad concept resonate or alienate? The benefits speak for themselves. Now imagine doing it faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Sparq™ from Vision Critical makes it possible.

Sparq is the world’s most adopted online community panel platform, helping companies in every industry from technology to travel connect quickly and easily to their customers and gain the insight needed to make better business decisions.

A single platform for all your research needs

  • Easily manage quantitative and qualitative online research for your entire organization from one central location
  • Track panelist activity across every survey and every discussion they’ve ever participated in
  • Expand personal profiles with information imported from other data stores such as CRM or transactional databases
  • One system to manage, one centralized platform powering the research needs of your entire company

Hard-wired for better engagement – and better results

  • Rise above the clutter of today’s Facebook-Twitter-Youtube lifestyles and get the trustworthy answers you seek
  • Stunning visual question types encourage higher respondent participation and better data quality
  • Custom-designed panel portals help ensure ongoing participation
  • Easily monitor panelist participation rates and identify gaps in representation

Turn Data into Action

  • Shape your data into powerful images, charts and tables, giving you the flexibility you need to uncover valuable insights
  • Built-in statistical analytics help you test and validate your data
  • Sharing and distribution options make it a breeze to get the word out

1. Speed

Sparq puts the power of online research at your fingertips so you can ask questions quickly and get the answers you need to adapt and thrive. No more waiting on outsourced research projects, sample sourcing or lengthy survey design time. What could be faster?

2. Flexibility

With a wide and expanding range of online customer interaction techniques, Sparq is a complete platform for managing all your online research needs. Author a survey today, start a group discussion tomorrow, ask your panelists to upload photos of their favorite experience the day after that. Or do all of these simultaneously. Only Sparq gives you the flexibility you need to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research from one convenient central location.

3. Control

The good news is advances in online research capabilities have democratized market research, making it more accessible than ever before. The bad news is this occasionally results in uncoordinated or – even worse – bad research from departments that previously would not have had the means. Sparq brings all your research efforts under centralized control again.

4. Connection

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp… whether you like it or not, conversations about your brand, your products and your company are happening all around you. A community panel of your own helps you understand what drives these conversations. Give your customers a forum to speak their mind, and they’ll bare their souls to you – directly.

5. Cost

Think all this power and control comes at a price you can’t afford? Think again. Sparq lets you squeeze a lot more research out of your budget, helping you justify the investment and proving its worth many times over. But don’t take our word for it – our customers say it best:

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