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By: Video In Vancouver  09-12-2011

I still haven’t seen this on TV, our makeup artist Jessica keeps telling me that they play it like crazy! This was produced by Bear Studios and Edited by Miles Forster. Effects by Alex Greenberg. Shot by Scot Proudfoot.

This was shot on Red, we had a 30 foot dolly track, 5k and 2k kits with massive diffusion. Really fun shoot.

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Corporate Videos - Video in Vancouver

Camera Stefan Berrill, PM Jill Sartore, production designer Pedro Romero, makeup Brittny Isaacs, visual effects Eugine, Alex Greenberg and Jeff Talbot at Bear, audio by Ryan Marchant, gear by Great Guys Gear and WFW. The shoot lasted three days in the RestorFX finishing shop, a 15,000 sq foot warehouse and various spots around Vancouver. We scripted a 12 step sales process,with Colter Ripley and marketing manager Kristy Lockhart.


Event Videos - Video in Vancouver

Ta’Kaiya is a well know young actor in Vancouver, starring in Shi Shi Etko and other native american videos. There was no equipment, no lighting and the result speaks for it’s self. At first glance, this music video may not seem like too big of a deal. Shot and Cut by Colter and produced by Video in Vancouver. It was shot in 3/4 of a day and edited in about a day.