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Storage costs $45 per month or $250 for six months

All storage packages include:- complimentary basic winterization (drain the carburettor, maintain the battery)
- complimentary basic spring scooter inspection
- 10% off spring servicingIt’s important that you care for your scooter all year long. So if the heartbreaking time comes to put your scooter away for the winter season, it’s really important you do it properly. That way, when its time to get back on your scooter you’ll know that your scooter is ready to go when you are.Following proper winterization procedures can save you lots of grief and money when you’re ready to ride again. Winterizing your scooter is cheap; repairing your scooter after improper winterization can be very costly. So when you’re ready to put your scooter away for the season, contact us for a winterization appointment. Your scooter will love you for it.And to make your life that much easier, Vespa Metro also offers affordable winter storage for your scooter. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your scooter is safely stored in our secured indoor warehouse during the winter season.Before we put your scooter away, we’ll drain your carburetor, remove your battery and keep it charged throughout the winter. And when it’s time to ride again, we’ll check tire pressure, re-install your battery and have happily back on the road. We’ll also give your scooter a wash, and if you like schedule an oil and filter change.Feel free to contact us for more details or to book a space.

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Keywords: scooter

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Because for every mile traveled on your fuel-efficient Vespa, you’ve already made a lasting contribution to conserving our nation’s energy resources, the environment and the mental health of congestion-weary fellow travelers. While your favorite ride is tucked away in its small and efficient parking space, you’ll log guilt-free miles on other transportation. Vespa riders quickly discover that even everyday travel becomes a memorable adventure.


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It just depends on how long you care to escape the everyday.Of course not everyone has the freedom to leisurely explore America on two or three wheels, but your Piaggio MP3 500 or BV Tourer 300 maxi scooters will be equally satisfying companions even if you’re just headed out for a memorable weekend ride or your daily office commute.