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By: Vancouver Twins  09-12-2011

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Thanks to all the follow that were Twins Club Christmas party Sponsors 2008

New Image Spa - John Craig

White Spot Kitsilano - Anu Deol Mgr

White Spot Cambie - Phil Mgr

White Spot Oakridge - Mgr. Laurie Fuller

Dominos Pizza Dunbar - Mgr. Jared

Well Cafe - Mgr

Safeway Broadway & MacDonald St - Steve Hogeweid Mgr.

IGA Broadway & Vine - John Gendron Mgr.

Toy Box - Yvonne

London Drugs  Broadway & Vine - Elizabeth cosmetics

Shoppers Drugs West Broadway - Mgr. Mr. Ho

Starbucks 4th Ave & Vine - Mgr. Jaimie

Starbucks - Broadway & Stephens Amy Bevington Mgr.

Starbucks West 10th Ave.

Starbucks MacDonald & 16th Ave

Cathy Paperny

Parthenon - Mr. Kiriakos Mgr.

Just Imagine - Diane Cohen

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Children prepare to read long before they enter school - early literacy is everything children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Children who are exposed to interactive literacy-rich environments, full of fun opportunities to learn language will develop early literacy skills.


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Our wonderful volunteers will be helping again with the little ones with various activities, including arts & crafts, dress-up and reading so the parents can concentrate on choosing new items and chatting about the holidays. January 10th 10:00 - 12:00 p.m. at the Military Family Resource Center on the Jericho Army base. The entrances are closed from 4th Ave and Highbury near 4th Ave. Enter from Highbury Street near 7 th Ave.