UST Consulting

By: Ust Global  09-12-2011

Vision and Goal
We are driven by a clear vision and definite objectives.
Real Results
As a company experiencing hyper growth, we understand change. In offering consulting services, we partner with our clients to realize the opportunities and resolve the issues typical of today's dynamic markets. We are committed to bringing practical and actionable change to our clients through focused and analytic methods. Our thinking is innovative and our approach rigorous. We go beyond the immediate objective of imparting technical expertise and direction for specific problem domains-by ensuring that our clients derive tangible benefits that generate sustainable growth and reinforce their market positioning.
UST Consulting brings the deep business insight and technical expertise of experienced practitioners to our clients. Our team comprises experts with strong business and technical backgrounds. They are hands-on practitioners who are open, objective, and skilled advisors to your organization. Their consulting advice is based on a global perspective that accounts for geographic and cultural nuances.
Point-of-View Consulting
UST Consulting brings "Point-of-View Consulting" to our clients. What does that mean to your business?
Our services are derived from innovative thinking, carefully analyzed from a global business perspective with regard to topical IT issues and reinforced with:
UST Global offers a wide range of consulting services to address the operational, organizational, and strategic needs of today's IT. The following table provides a summary of our services under the major categories of strategy, architecture, process management, and change management.