Total Reporting Service Ltd. Services

By: Trs  09-12-2011


  • Court Proceedings

  • Examinations for Discovery

  • Video Depositions

  • Immigration Proceedings

  • Mediation / Arbitration

  • Hearings of All Types

  • Technical Seminars

  • Meetings / Conferences / Conventions

·         Appeal Book Preparation

·         One Source Legal Videotaping

·         Tape Transcription

·         Bilingual Services

·         Hearing Coordinators

TRS will supply your transcripts in whatever form you require - hard copy, Floppy / CD / DVD and audio / video tape.  We can also provide you with custom scanning and retrieval, key word indexing, full text indexing, and compressed transcripts.

We can deliver it to you daily, within three days, within 10 days, or structure a specific time and system to suit your need (real-time available).  TRS is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you need it.

The additional resources of our Yukon office are also available to you.

TRS expertise goes well beyond our strong foundation of verbatim transcripts.