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By: Trivello  09-12-2011

With BMW’s premiere of the new BMW 1 Series, it is clear that this 5-door compact is a cut above the rest. Remaining the only rear-wheel drive model in its class, the new BMW 1 Series is even more sporty, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and driver-friendly than its predecessor.

The exterior of the BMW 1 Series with its youthful design and striking angles creates the sporty, lively look of this compact. The front of the car displays the classic BMW kidney grille and double-round headlights combined with four contour lines on the bonnet that direct attention to the dramatic front. The roof slopes slightly towards the rear with its angled back windscreen, presenting a coupe-like design. The angular style of the BMW 1 Series makes it a sports compact unlike any other.

This sporty design does not get in the way of comfort, however. The new BMW 1 Series remains the same height as its predecessor but is 85 millimeters longer and 17 millimeters wider, providing a more spacious interior while keeping the powerful look of the exterior intact. It also offers more legroom and storage space.

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The entire engine upgrade is completed with advanced car tuning, in which Novitec has recalibrated the injection and ignition mapping for the optimum power output. There’s Novitec Tridente for Maserati cars, Novitec Rosso for Ferrari, and for the other Italian automakers such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo, there’s Novitec.


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Blow bridges - to swallow is the price difference between the two owners of the brand “bridge model” waypoints, Acura was just to help move a lot of unique Honda, Honda, Acura, Honda Manufacturing Company owners are added to the mixture.


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This is why you find so many of the luxury car manufacturers creating racing models as well, They be F1, Le Mans, Autosport or whichever other competitions happen to take Their fancy. When people saw em winning races They wanted one Themselves, Which was one of the first instances of a car creating an image for Itself That people wanted to buy in to.