By: Tri City Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Real Estate, financing


, we leverage our professional experience to deliver the following value-added real estate services. Astutely engaging in the full scope of real estate development, we achieve remarkable results.

Due Diligence and Conceptual Site Plan

At the outset of every project, preliminary due diligence is exercised to determine if the property or site is suitable for the contemplated project. Of critical interest, is the site undervalued or under-performing and will redevelopment improve the financial opportunity?

Conceptually, the Group then determines the potential for adding value and increasing cash flow for the project.

Feasibility Analysis

A detailed feasibility analysis is always undertaken, consisting of four critical reviews:

Planning Feasibility
Financial Feasibility
Political Feasibility
Marketing Feasibility
Land Assembly

The Group will only proceed with land assembly where the feasibility analyses indicate minimal impediments to the process, enabling the company to achieve a financially favorable outcome.
Appraisals, financing commitments and surveys are obtained during this phase. Engineers are hired, traffic studies completed, site plans developed and building designs conceptualized.
Integral to the land assembly process is the securing of commitments from key anchor tenants. To this end, significant pre-leasing generally precedes land assembly activities.


During this stage development permits are issued, construction management hired, tenders issued and contracts awarded, and site mobilization and construction commences. Anchor tenants are fully secured and the ancillary tenant mix is developed. Targeting established brand names for neighborhood shopping centres is essential.

Leasing, Projects Marketing/Project Completion

Brochures, renderings and collateral materials are used to promote the project. Pre-sales for residential projects start upon receiving the Development Permit and Sales Disclosure Statements.


  • Site Analysis, Acquisition and Project Design
  • Market and Feasibility Studies for residential, multi-family, condominium, commercial, industrial, hotel, investment and recreational properties
  • Investment Analysis, including market valuations, utilizing direct comparison, cost, income and residual approaches
  • Neighborhood, Demographic and Focus Studies
  • Buyer Analysis and Target Market
  • Product Design, Suite mix and size, Floor Plan Design and Efficiency Review
  • Market Sales and Competition Analysis
  • Pricing and Leasing Model
  • Absorption Analysis
  • Existing Supply and Upcoming Supply Analysis


  • Site Analysis, Land Assembly, Land Exchanges & Acquisition
  • Project Debt and Equity financing
  • Feasibility Study and Project Design
  • Project Costs and Development Budget
  • Project Consultants and Development Team
  • Re-zoning Applications
  • Development and Building Permits
  • Pre-sales and Pre-Leasing
  • Project Site Servicing and Construction
  • Project Management
  • Project Completion
  • Occupancy Permit


  • Acquisition of Property & Selling of Residential, Multi-Family, commercial, Industrial, Development and Investment properties
  • Acquisition of Land, Re-zoning and Re-sell of development sites
  • Acquisition of older retail centres, reformatting and renovating the centres, securing new tenants and re-selling the retail centres
  • Investment Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Management of Investment Portfolios

Keywords: financing, Real Estate