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By: Trec  09-12-2011
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"I have benefited from the TREC leadership program in more ways than I can recount. I’ve gained new practical skills and developed a greater breadth and depth of understanding of what personal and professional leadership entails. Equally important, I’ve forged new ties with an amazing group of individuals—both TREC trainers and participants—that will continue to enrich my life well into the future."

                                                                 —Program Participant

You will develop a personalized leadership work plan in which you will identify and implement some key initiatives in your organization.

Are you an executive or senior-level director/manager who is relatively new to your leadership role? Facing major changes or challenges in your organization? Feeling disillusioned about being a manager and losing touch with your passion? Feeling overloaded and stressed? Hoping to significantly upgrade in some major skill areas? Feeling isolated and wanting to expand your peer network?

The TREC Leadership Development Program is highly interactive, stimulating and varied. We use a range of learning approaches: large group presentations, one-on-one coaching, case studies of real situations, small group discussions, feedback instruments, between-session phone check-ins, readings, and journaling.

To address the challenges facing leaders of environmental organizations in Western North America that are Wilburforce grantees, TREC offers this eight-month long program.

The program starts each spring. If you have questions about the program and its fit for you, we encourage you to contact us.

Goals of the Program

This program will address key leadership topics, skills and needs:

  • Understanding core leadership attributes, skills and approaches
  • Knowing your specific areas of strength and where you can be stronger
  • Understanding what motivates you as leader and where you want to go next
  • Positioning your organization’s advocacy and activities for maximum impact
  • Managing staff development and performance
  • Dealing with organization change and transition
  • Strategic fiscal management
  • Personal priority and time management; avoiding burnout
  • Organization governance and working effectively with your board
  • Strategic and program planning and evaluation

One of the greatest benefits of the program is the connections you will make with peers in the conservation community and the support you will draw from them

This program is for senior (Director-level) staff who:

Are new or developing leaders (e.g. one to five years leadership experience) who demonstrate strong potential for a larger leadership role and are pursuing that. And is also highly relevant for seasoned leaders looking for a boost to skills or energy.

Are currently in a key staff leadership and personnel oversight roles (executive directors or senior manager/directors) in their organization and want to strengthen their leadership skills.

Already have some basic training and hands-on experience in core skills, e.g. fundraising, supervision, planning, board development, campaigning, etc.

Are in organizations that are currently, or are in a pending docket to be, Wilburforce Foundation grantees.

The agenda and approach will have tremendous value for a range of experience levels

Experienced executive directors will gain insights and skills to hone their leadership style and focus and take their organizations to the next level, while newer leaders will gain some strong practical and conceptual tools and ideas to accelerate their development.

TREC's goal is to create as diverse a participant base as possible, acknowledging different racial, ethnic, age, gender, disability, cultural, and geographical backgrounds.

This program is by invitation only. If you are a TREC training alumni and would like more information, please contact David Thomson.

David Thomson, Leadership Program Director  [David at] (604) 987-3667
Dyan Oldenburg, TREC Executive Director  [Dyan at] (505) 986-8400

The saying "it's lonely at the top" is the hard truth for many leaders - especially in the conservation community. Many leaders just fall into their role, and rarely receive any guidance, feedback or coaching.

This program combines a 360-Degree Feedback Survey with tailored Leadership Coaching from a seasoned TREC Senior Associate.

360-Degree Feedback Survey

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching follows the 360-Degree Feedback report. In phone discussions with your coach, you explore the leadership goals that you want to work toward, lay plans to move ahead, gain insight into the challenges and barriers you’ll meet, and make commitments to action. Conversations with your coach are strictly confidential, and typically involve 45 minute phone calls every 2 to 3 weeks, spread over a period of 3 to 6 months.

The process is tailored to fit your needs, schedule and circumstances, and is completely confidential. It is designed to meet leaders "where they are" and give the focused support that often can't be provided through workshops and retreats.

Note: Participants in the Strategic Leadership Series receive the 360 feedback and coaching described here.

David Thomson, Leadership Program Director  [David at] (604) 987-3667
Inquiries are kept confidential within the TREC team.

STEP is designed to support the development of promising conservation staff that are looking to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in leadership and management. Candidates must have the support of their supervisor and have demonstrated high potential for increasingly responsible leadership and management roles in their organizations to participate in this leadership development series. STEP generally has two in-person sessions over a four month period with coaching by a trained TREC coach. (The STEP series is by invitation only.)

Contact: David Thomson, Leadership Program Director  [David at] (604) 987-3667

A four to six month program for brand new executive directors designed to help them increase their knowledge, skills and confidence, overcome the isolation they face, and most importantly, help them succeed in their new positions. Offered to new Executive Directors. Demand driven.

Contact: David Thomson, Leadership Program Director  [David at] (604) 987-3667

A eight-month program for current and incoming Board chairs and presidents aimed at increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in their positions. Key topics include board leadership roles, appropriately playing their accountability and stewardship roles in fundraising, fiscal oversight, strategic planning, program evaluation and evaluating the executive director. (This program is offered by invitation.)

Contact: David Thomson, Senior Associate  [David at] (604) 987-3667

Accessing your intuition, enhancing your creativity, reducing stress, and developing and achieving your individual and organization goals.

Integrate knowledge and practice of several techniques for accessing the inner self. Deliver a tool to review and create your list of life’s goals. Integrate knowledge and practice of affirmations, a tool to access the power of your subconscious. Enlarge your understanding of “how the world works” from a spiritual perspective. Deliver a simple 30-minute practice that you can “take home” which will integrate all these experiences

Workshop Overview

  1. A process to assess your life goals
  2. An experiential method to realize these goals
  3. Tools that will access your intuition, create an inner awareness, enhance your creativity, reduce stress, and improve your productivity.
    • Body awareness (yoga postures)
    • Yogic breathing techniques
    • Meditation techniques
    • How to create and use affirmations to address your life goals
  4. A series of short lectures to provide grounding and integration of these tools, from a yogic (eastern philosophical) perspective.
  5. A "take-home" series of practices that will integrate what you learn, designed to take only 30 minutes of time out of your day.

Jeff leads the workshop, combining extensive experience as an activist and environmental leader with over 20 years of yoga and meditation practice. He is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor.

Contact: Jeff DeBonis, Senior Associate  [Jeff at] (541) 387-2651

Keywords: Executive Directors, leadership,

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