TREC Services - Eligibility for TREC Services - expectations

By: Trec  09-12-2011

What you can expect when working with TREC and what TREC expects of you.

TREC is committed to providing the highest quality services. You can expect us to live up to the following values:

Confidentiality — We do not share information about your organization with anyone outside TREC, including Wilburforce Foundation or other funding sources.

Quality — We bring you the best and the brightest resource people (TREC staff, trainers, and consultants) and the most effective approaches available.

Customization and Flexibility — We respond to your specific needs and circumstances.

Responsiveness — We proactively identify needs and provide quick turnaround on commitments.

Replicability and Sustainability — We show how changes we help create can be leveraged across your organization and keep working long after we are gone.

Innovation — We are always seeking better ways to ensure you achieve your mission.

Accessibility and Affordability — Thanks to the generosity of Wilburforce Foundation, the vast majority of costs are covered.

Because TREC has limited resources, before we engage with your group we will assess your commitment to the goals of organizational transformation and the tasks identified. We will evaluate that commitment throughout the project. If we feel our resources are not being well spent, TREC reserves the right to terminate our work with you, with reasonable notice. Likewise, you have the right to terminate your work with TREC at any time for any reason.

What TREC Expects of You

TREC expects you to request and use our services in a thoughtful, strategic, and engaged way. We expect you to be fully committed to an evaluation of your program and organizational effectiveness. Because TREC’s resources are limited, we expect you to identify high-priority, selective needs for us to work on together (please avoid bringing a long shopping list). We will work with you to determine which program or services are right for you and how many resources can be applied to your organization’s needs

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Other products and services from Trec


TREC Services - Eligibility for TREC Services - eligibility

If you are a Wilburforce Foundation grantee or on the docket for their next grantmaking cycle, there are many ways TREC can help your organization perform its best work. In recognizing the value of TREC’s services to its grantees, Wilburforce Foundation has agreed to underwrite the capacity-building services that TREC provides.


TREC Services - Financial Managment Program

TREC will work with a team from your organization that includes the finance manager, executive director, program leaders and board members to provide comprehensive system solutions as well as improved communication and teamwork within the organization overall.


TREC Services - Leadership Program

In phone discussions with your coach, you explore the leadership goals that you want to work toward, lay plans to move ahead, gain insight into the challenges and barriers you’ll meet, and make commitments to action. Are currently in a key staff leadership and personnel oversight roles (executive directors or senior manager/directors) in their organization and want to strengthen their leadership skills.


TREC Services - Organizational Effectiveness Program

Participation in an intensive three- or four-day organizational assessment process at your office with a TREC consultant to determine your organization’s needs and opportunities; based on this assessment, your board and staff will work with the consultant to create your capacity-building plan.


TREC Training and Consulting Services

TREC provides human resources assistance to organizations needing help with creating or updating employee policies and procedures, creating clear job descriptions; developing effective performance feedback systems and tools, wrestling with compensation and benefits questions or issues, and the hiring process.


TREC Services - Fundraising Program

The logic of this emphasis is two-fold: 1) individuals contribute vastly more money to nonprofits than foundations and corporations, and; 2) a grassroots membership base not only supports the organization financially, but also buttresses environmental issue campaigns. We offer services that cover the wide range of development strategies that nonprofit environmental groups utilize when soliciting support from their constituents.